Colts making a run for Victor Cruz?

Could Cruz be salsa dancing in Indy?

Today Jim Irsay took to twitter to drop massive hints.

The first one was(pardon the spelling I am typing these verbatim)  “ColtsFans, we already past the cap cash wise/ we’re workin on a deal, 1 we’ve been working for 5 days/ we’re very close to makin it work.”

Then he followed that up with “ColtsFans Hint————-It’s a Wide Receiver!!!!”

If you remember last year Irsay was dropping similar hints before the acquisition of Vontae Davis via trade.  Now the only WR still on the market who would be worth being this mysterious about would be Victor Cruz.  Everyone else worth being this secretive about is already signed and no one is on the trading block that I am aware of.  I am sure some moves have to be made before anything can be done because as Irsay said the team is over the cap.

But my best guess and the best guess of a lot of people is that either by large offer sheet that the Giants can’t match or by a “Welker to New England”esque trade we may see Victor Cruz to Indianapolis within the next few days.

Thoughts: If this is the case and they get him for anything less per year than what Jennings is getting then Minnesota really dropped the ball here.  If this is in fact the case the only thing Indianapoilis would need really is a running game because Wayne and Cruz will make for some fireworks in Indy to go with the two young Tight Ends the Colts currently employ in Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen.

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Patriots to release Brandon Lloyd

The Lloyd experiment ended today in New England today as the Patriots decided to release WR Brandon Lloyd today.

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Bored at home?

Check out Walter Football for the best in mock drafts across the web.

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Dan Connor signs with the Giants.

The New York Giants added free agent Linebacker Dan Connor today.

Thoughts: Connor will be a good addition to the Giants and I expect him to thrive behind that nasty defensive line.

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Aquib Talib re-signs with Pats.

Aquib Talib took a one year 5 million dollar deal to stay in New England over lower multi-year offers.

Thoughts: Smart move on Talib’s part as it was a soft CB market this year and he can go for his big money deal next year.

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Adrian Wilson signs with New England

The Patriots have signed former Cardinals S Adrian Wilson.

Thoughts: This will help the secondary but I feel they could gave gone younger in the draft it being so deep at safety this year.

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Greg Jennings signs with the Vikings

Bad week to be a Packers fan.  First you get sniped by Atlanta for Steven Jackson now you lose Greg Jennings to the Vikings.

WR Greg Jennings agrees to a 5 year deal with the Vikings.

Thoughts: Great pick up for Minnesota and I’d say a vast upgrade over Percy Harvin from a receiving standpoint.

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Antoine Cason signs with Arizona.

The Cardinals continue shopping to upgrade their secondary signing former Chargers CB Antoine Cason to a 1-year deal.

Thoughts: You are going to see a lot of teams trying to go 3 deep with CBs especially in the NFC and the NFC West.  The Seahawks and 49ers are going to be 3 deep at WR, the Packers and Falcons are already 3 deep at WR, as are the Giants.  It will take 3 quality CBs from here on out to stop them.

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Ravens sign DE Marcus Spears

The Baltimore Ravens added to a depleted defense by adding former Dallas Cowboys DE Marcus Spears.

Thoughts: It seems like the Ravens are filling holes by pilfering the NFC East.  They should start looking at Linebackers next.

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Dolphins sign Brandon Gibson

Stop me if you are shocked but the Miami Dolphins just signed a free agent!

That’s right they just signed former Rams WR Brandon Gibson.

Thoughts: They definitely needed to shore up their receiving corps so it wasn’t just Mike Wallace.  They could have just waited til the draft with that deep WR pool but with the new salary floor the money has to be spent somewhere.

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