NFL Draft Day 1 thoughts.

1. Alex Smith goes from one team with a Central Michigan Left Tackle to another Central Michigan Left Tackle.

2. Big man are en vogue this year: 9 picks in round 1 were expended on Offensive Linemen.  4 picks were expended on Defensive Linemen.  So more than 1/3 of the picks in round 1 were used for the trenches this draft.

3. Rough day to be a Quarterback: Quarterbacks took a beating and if it wasn’t for Buffalo doing what many consider a huge reach(I see it more as being similar to when Minnesota took Christian Ponder in 2011) there wouldn’t have been a QB selected in round 1 this season.

4. The Tavon Austin effect: The Rams trading up for Tavon Austin changed things in a big way this draft.  If he isn’t picked by the Rams the Jets probably take him at 9 and maybe wait til 13 for Millner or go Trufant or Rhodes if he is gone.

5. Rex Ryan still has a lot of pull in NY: There is word coming out that Rex Ryan shot down a trade at 9 and a non-defensive player at 13.

6. Trent Baalke once again trolls the football world: The 49ers were throwing around rumors of trading up for a Defensive Tackle and end up going Safety in Eric Reid.  Everyone knew the 49ers liked Eric Reid and yet they were still able to get a feeling of surprise out of people.

7. The Bengals are setting Andy Dalton for continued success: Andy Dalton now has two legit targets in the offense in AJ Green and Tyler Eifert.  Expect a fun passing game in Cincy.

8. 3 QBs will go within the first 5 picks of round 3.  I will expect Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib, and Matt Barkley to be gone quickly in the start of round 2.

9. We will see a nice WR run in round 2 also.  There is a bunch of talent at WR still undrafted.  Expect Justin Hunter and Robert Woods of USC to go early in round 2 and Keenan Allen to go later in the round.

10. For the first time in almost 50 years a Runningback was not drafted in round 1.


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Quick but pretentiously typed third person bio: Mike Falcone is a comedian/writer/radio personality who is also an avid sports fan. He will be posting semi-weekly posts about the sports world combining serious analysis with a comedic twist and pop culture references a plenty.
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