NFL finally makes changes to ridiculous “Tuck Rule”

The NFL finally caved in changing the infamous “Tuck Rule” that many think not only cost the Raiders a chance at a Super Bowl but may have also led to the end of Jon Gruden in Oakland(also some may say it also cost the Rams a second super bowl win).

The changes announced will still rule it an incomplete pass if the ball is knocked out as the arm is going forward in a passing manner.  But where the change comes in is when the arm is bringing the ball back towards the QBs body.  When that happened for the tuck rule it was still an incomplete pass when the ball was knocked out of the QBs hand.  Now that will be ruled a fumble.

Thoughts: Thank god finally the NFL changed one of their dumbest explanations for a rule.  It is now worded the way it should be.  Teams have been getting screwed by this rule long enough and glad to see it took the NFL 12 years to do something about it.


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Quick but pretentiously typed third person bio: Mike Falcone is a comedian/writer/radio personality who is also an avid sports fan. He will be posting semi-weekly posts about the sports world combining serious analysis with a comedic twist and pop culture references a plenty.
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