Don’t be surprised if Charles Woodson is a 49er by the morning.

As reported Tuesday the 49ers were hosting former Packers S Charles Woodson on Wednesday.  It is currently almost quarter to 2 am on the East Coast(and that would make it quarter to 11 pm on the West Coast) and Woodson is still in San Francisco.  Typically when a free agent is spending this much time with one team during a day it’s not a matter of if but when a contract is signed.

It has been widely reported that Woodson has interest in the 49ers.  He wants to go to a winner, and let’s face it any longtime veteran wouldn’t want to go from a good team to a bad team, and the 49ers were 7 yards from winning a Super Bowl this past season.  He can still play after being moved to Safety and after 15 years in the league there is a lot he can teach a young secondary.  He will be a perfect transitional Safety for whoever they use a draft pick on in april.


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Quick but pretentiously typed third person bio: Mike Falcone is a comedian/writer/radio personality who is also an avid sports fan. He will be posting semi-weekly posts about the sports world combining serious analysis with a comedic twist and pop culture references a plenty.
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